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    Stay on Top of Your CDL Training By Downloading This Handy App!

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Balancing a busy schedule is no easy task, but it is of the essence for individuals with goals that they are determined to meet. If one of your short-term goals is to obtain a CDL driver’s license, you are more likely to successfully complete the training and certification in a timely manner if you use a planner to organize your schedule.

    If you have an Android-powered smartphone, you may want to employ Intersog’s Schedule Planner app to help you do this. By helping you coordinate important tasks and issuing reminders to tackle tasks you may otherwise not make time for, this helpful app can help you accomplish everything you want to accomplish.

    With nearly a million downloads and an Editors’ Pick award from, Schedule Planner is a must-have app. If you would like to receive your CDL Training from a heavy equipment training school that you can count on, call West Coast Training in Washington at (360) 450-3172.

    Understanding How Obtaining a CDL Can Help Boost Your Career

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Drivers with commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) are in high demand. For safe drivers who like to travel, obtaining a CDL is equivalent to securing a ticket for an enjoyable, more lucrative job with a flexible schedule. If you take the time and invest energy into securing your CDL, you will enjoy the following benefits.

    Expand Demonstrable Skill Set
    Employers like to see that prospective employees have tangible skills. A CDL says to an employer that you took the initiative to complete several hours of rigorous training and demonstrated your competence behind the wheel of a large or heavy vehicle. Even if you switch career paths and apply for a job where having a CDL may not seem an obvious advantage, prospective employers may still be impressed and your license still may come in handy.

    Qualify for New Jobs
    If you work in an industry where cranes, forklifts, or other heavy operating equipment is used on a daily basis but you have yet to obtain your CDL, doing so will qualify you for jobs you were not previously qualified to hold. Obtaining your CDL may lead to a job promotion or some exciting changes in your day-to-day work duties.

    Earn More Money
    Your worth as an employee in a field where workers with CDL licenses are in high demand will increase once you have obtained your CDL. Your salary is also likely to increase, and you may experience a greater sense of job security due to the value of your CDL.

    Do the aforementioned advantages make obtaining a CDL sound like a goal that you want to set for yourself? If so, West Coast Training can help you meet that goal. To speak with an experienced member of our team about our commercial driving license training programs, call us today at (360) 225-6787.

    A Look at the Class-A CDL Student Checklist

    Last updated 1 year ago

    A Class-A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) can open a lot of doors for someone who is interested in trucking or operating heavy equipment in any other capacity. The license is required for the operation of heavy vehicles, the vehicular transport of hazardous materials, and the transport of any vehicle with an intended capacity of 16 or more passengers. Before you can obtain your Class-A CDL, you must complete or secure each of the following.

    Class-A Permit
    Before you can qualify to sit the Class-A CDL exam, you must first obtain and practice with your Class-A permit. A handful of written tests, covering knowledge ranging from safe air break use to tank vehicle operation, must be passed before you can obtain your Class-A permit.

    Medical DOT Card
    It is in the interest of everyone’s road safety for all drivers to receive regular medical examinations and discontinue driving if they develop problems with their sight, narcolepsy, or any other medical conditions that may endanger themselves or other drivers on the road. Since CDL holders operate large vehicles that carry goods and passengers on a commercial scale, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates that they complete a DOT physical exam every two years. Your medical DOT card must be current in order for you to qualify for a CDL. CDL hopefuls must also pass a drug screening.

    Successful Road Test Completion
    After completing several hours of CDL training, a prospective CDL holder may be prepared to take the final step. This is a “behind-the-wheel” exam, which tests the skills learned during CDL training that are essential to the safe and proper operation of heavy vehicles at a commercial scale.

    If you want to improve your chances of passing the Class-A CDL exam, you should enroll in a CDL training program. Serving Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and California, West Coast Training offers a wide array of license training and certification programs. Our CDL training courses, in particular, have proven highly effective. To speak with an experienced and personable member of our CDL and heavy equipment training team, call (360) 225-6787.

    About the West Coast Training Campus

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The West Coast Training campus is conveniently located in Woodland, WA, which is just a few minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon. Spanning more than 30 acres in size, our training facility will provide you with year-round access to quality operational training surfaces. Our fabulous location in the Pacific Northwest offers ample opportunities to enjoy the scenery while you are enrolled in one of our training courses. At our Woodland campus, you will be close to the confluence of the Lewis River and the Columbia River, where you can participate in water sports, fishing, and much more. 

    When you enroll in a training program at West Coast Training, you will receive high-quality, hands-on instruction. Our vocational trade school will provide you with the skills and certification you need to start your career in heavy equipment operation, commercial driving, and more. If you are interested in taking a tour of our training facility, contact West Coast Training today by calling (360) 225-6787.

    West Coast Training's Seminars and Refresher Courses

    Last updated 1 year ago

    If you are already employed as a heavy equipment operator, West Coast Training offers many opportunities for you to advance your knowledge and further your career. Our seminars and refresher courses are designed to provide working professionals with added skills and preparation for certification programs. Let’s take a closer look at West Coast Training’s seminars and refresher courses.

    Heavy Equipment Seminar

    The Heavy Equipment Seminar offers specialized training on one or two pieces of equipment, and will provide at least 2 hours a day of one-on-one instruction. You will be able to schedule between 8-40 hours of training, with 24 hours maximum with one equipment type. After completing the seminar, you will receive a certificate.

    Grade Checking Seminar

    This seminar offers classroom and field instruction on grade checking, slope stakes, rod shots, elevations, and more. You can choose from an 8 hour refresher course or 16-24 hour intensive courses.

    NCCCO Exam Prep

    If you are an experienced mobile crane operator who is preparing for the NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Written Exam, we can help you prepare. Our NCCCO Exam Prep course is held over three days in 8 hour sessions, and will help you get ready for the exam.

    CDL Testing

    For those Washington and Oregon residents who have a CDL Instruction Permit, we offer trucks and instructors to help you prepare for the CDL Class A or Class B test. To register for this program, you need to contact our enrollment offices at least two weeks in advance.

    Refresher Courses

    Any graduate of a West Coast Training program may enroll in a free refresher course. We will provide you with 2 hours of equipment time, which will help you secure employment.

    For more information about our seminars and refresher courses, contact West Coast Training by calling (360) 225-6787. Our courses are offered year-round, and we will provide you with the knowledge and training you need to advance your career in the heavy equipment field. Our instructors look forward to working with you!

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